This page includes some guidelines to enable you to contribute to the project.

Found a bug?

If you find a bug in the source code or in using the theme, you can open an issue on GitHub. Even better, you can submit a pull request with a fix.

Submission guidelines

Submitting an issue

Before you submit an issue, please search the issue tracker, maybe an issue for your problem already exists and the discussion might inform you of workarounds readily available.

We want to fix all the issues as soon as possible, but before fixing a bug we need to reproduce and confirm it. In order to reproduce bugs we will need as much information as possible, and preferably a sample demonstrating the issue.

Submitting a pull request (PR)

If you wish to contribute to the code base, please open a pull request by following GitHub’s guidelines.

Development Conventions

Sphinx BlueBrain Theme uses:
  • Black for formatting code

  • PyLint for linting code

  • PyDocStyle for checking docstrings

Tests and linting can be run using the tox command.