Methodology overviewΒΆ

An overview of the methodology applied to create Sphinx BlueBrain Theme is given below:

  1. User clones sphinx-bluebrain-theme git repository:

    git clone --recursive
  2. User runs tox tox environment:

  3. This environment runs, which does the following:

    1. Copies required source files from mkdocs-material theme src directory.

    2. Applies conversion rules to some files (.html, .css, .js, and files with extensions ending in _t). These rules are:

      1. Clears specified Jinja blocks of content.

      2. Replaces specified strings within the source files with their replacement values.

      3. Prepends the mkdocs-material license to files which have had it removed (due to minification). Specified files are skipped.

    3. Copies additional source files for the theme from the src directory.

    4. Renames the assets directory to static which is required by Sphinx.